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With over 14 years of experience, My Marketing Fox excels in providing comprehensive China marketing services. Our expertise spans SEO, SEM, social media management, and content creation tailored to the unique dynamics of the Chinese market. We leverage platforms like WeChat, Weibo, and Baidu to enhance your brand's visibility and engagement. Our strategic approach ensures your marketing efforts resonate with Chinese consumers, driving growth and maximizing ROI. Trust My Marketing Fox to navigate the complexities of China's digital landscape and elevate your brand to new heights. Partner with us for successful market penetration and sustained success in China.


百度拥有超过 11 亿台设备,是中国搜索引擎之王。和谷歌一样,它的名字也是一个动词,意思是“对理想的不懈追求”。但两者之间存在显着的 SEO 差异。如果你想在网上被发现,你需要适应。


在百度上做广告从未如此简单。使用面向中国的一体化广告平台 MMF Digital Marketing 设置您的百度广告,并将您的品牌带给合适的人。





Image by Hanson Lu

About Baidu

China. The most populous country in the world. A place where over 640 million internet users buzz away amid an ever-changing sphere of innovation and evolution presenting boundless opportunity for businesses and consumers alike. What’s not to get excited about?

For businesses both domestic and international, or anyone with an involvement in the digital world; China should not be ignored. Yet, when we think of China we think of complexity, cultural differences, internet censorship, language difficulties and more. With the Builtvisible guide to Chinese SEO and Baidu, we’ll show you what you need in order to navigate through the maze of the Chinese internet and obtain the visibility you deserve China-side; be it through correct Baidu SEO optimisation or localised content marketing campaigns.

This guide aims to inform anyone considering embarking on a digital strategy in China with a series of useful insights on the structure and make-up of Baidu, how to rank on Baidu, insights into content research and marketing in China as well as ongoing cultural considerations to take into account. Given Baidu’s dominance in the Chinese world of search we’re going to be focusing on it rather a lot, and for anyone unfamiliar with China’s Google here a few introductory bullet points:

  1. Launched in 2000 in Beijing by Robin Li, with the name “Baidu” (百度) comes from a Song Dynasty poem in which the term is used to describe “a persistent search for the ideal”.

  2. Around 80% total share of China’s search engine market, asserting dominance following Google’s exit of the market in 2010

  3. Handles reportedly over 3.3 billion queries each day

  4. 36.5% of revenue came from mobile in 2014

Baidu Search Engine

A Basic Breakdown of the Baidu SERP

Let’s begin with a snapshot of a Baidu SERP to kick things off. Here’s what Baidu shows us when the term “SEO” in Chinese (搜索引擎优化) is searched for:

Key SEO and Algorithm Differences

While many of us are familiar with Google’s ranking factors and have a good understanding of the key on-page SEO measures to get your site ranking, there’s little out there in terms of resources with regards to what makes Baidu tick.

Thankfully, the mind-set remains largely the same, and in practice Baidu’s ranking algorithm isn’t too dissimilar to Google’s. However, there are of course some key differences to consider:



Site Architecture and Functionality

  • Keep it simple. At this stage, Baiduspider isn’t as developed as Google’s in terms of crawl power, and favours flat-structured sites in which content is accessible in as few clicks as possible (here’s a useful FAQ on Baiduspider in English).

  • Baidu also doesn’t deal with Flash or JavaScript, so be sure to provide HTML alternative versions of the content.

  • Don’t use Frame and iFrame

  • Keep URL structure short and if possible, use Pinyin (Romanised version of Chinese characters).

Page Titles & Meta Data

  • Much like with Google, make sure title tags and meta data are unique, descriptive and is in keyword optimised Simplified Chinese.

  • Title tag character limit is 80.

  • Google may have renounced them from their ranking factor a while back, but meta descriptions and meta keywords do factor into ranking for Baidu.

  • Meta description character limit is 200, meta keywords is 100.

  • Alt tags and heading tags also have increased prominence in Baidu’s ranking algorithm – be sure to optimise in Chinese accordingly.

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